State Bank of India Staff Association (S.B.I.S.A.) is the only, Non-Political Trade Union of workman employees in State Bank Of India, covering the States of Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himanchal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand & Delhi, and Union Territories of Chandigarh ,  Andaman & Nicobar islands .

The administration of Association lies in the hands of the President & Chief Secretary on the apex level and Circle Presidents & General Secretaries at seven Circles based on the geographical area of the State Bank of India. There is a vast network of Office Bearers from Central Headquarter to the smallest branch unit of the Bank to safeguard the interest of its’ thousands of members.

S.B.I.S.A. is the biggest constituent of All India State Bank of India Staff Federation”(A.I.S.B.I.S.F.), which is the apex Trade Union Organisation in State Bank of India.

At industry level, it is affiliated to the “National Confederation of Bank Employees” through A.I.S.B.I.S.F.

We are very happy to announce that after protracted rounds of discussion and after our long persuasion with the staff members to opt for the above scheme, we could at last sign a MOU with National Insurance Company Limited on 10th May, 2013 at Kolkata LHO, Samriddhi Bhavan. The total membership who have opted for the scheme and are covered under the captioned scheme is 5435 at present throughout the Circle. All the above 5435 members are covered from 10th May, 2013 onwards till midnight of 9th May, 2014. In this respect, as per our previous Circulars since the agreed policy of Group Medical Insurance Scheme is on family floater basis, a member has to lodge his claim for the residual part of the Medical Bill submitted to the Bank for self or for the dependent family members which has not been reimbursed by the Bank. In this connection, the claim has to be lodged to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) namely Family Health Plan TPA Limited (Address – 66/2, Lake View Road, Kolkata – 700 029 Phone : 033-65503901/02/03 Fax No. 033-24659377) who has been assigned as the TPA by National Insurance Company Ltd. In case of any hospitalization of self or his dependent family members, the staff member has to intimate to the TPA within 7 days by Telephone or preferably by email or by fax. (email – Fax No. 033-24659377) and thereafter the certified copies of the entire Medical Bill along with all relevant papers and the photo copy of the sanctioned letter of the Bank where the total amount reimbursed by the Bank is reflected will have to be sent by the Registered Post or through the Courier to the above address of the TPA directly. The assigned person of the TPA will be made available at LHO twice in a week, at each Zonal Office fortnightly and in ZO, Siliguri once in a month for required assistance. The entire Group Medical Insurance Policy and its necessary stipulation and other definition / exclusion / condition are updated in our Site along with the Claim Form which can be downloaded directly from the Site. In case of reimbursement of Medical Bill related to critical diseases (Coronary artery surgery, cancer, renal failure, i.e. failure of both kidneys, stroke, multiple sclerosis, major organ transplants like kidney, lung, pancreas or bone marrow, paralysis & blindness) as stipulated in the Group Medical Insurance Policy, photocopy of the certified Medical Bill or the photocopy of the sanctioned letter of the Medical Bill along with the amount of the claim settled by the TPA will have to be invariably dispatched to the Union Office to get the extra coverage from the additional amount from the Buffer Amount allotted to the Association by National Insurance Company Ltd. The staff members are also required to send all the particulars of the Medical Bill sanctioned by Bank in case of themselves or their dependent family members and also the amount of the claim settled by the TPA to the Union Office.

Com. Anupam Pal joined the Bank in 1978 at Tamluk Branch. His services was transferred to Halisahar Branch in 1981. He was one of the staunch supporter of the movement for establishment of democracy in the Organisation under the leadership of Com. Sankareswar Datta. Amidst the struggle for democracy he exhibited his organizational affinity and keen interest in the affairs of the Organization and marched forward dauntlessly to establish ethical leadership in the Organisation. For his Organisational flair he was elected Regional Secretary of NCBE in 1991. His successive enrolment in the Organisational positions was spontaneous thereafter. From the position of the Zonal Secretary he was co-opted as the Regional Secretary of Bidhannagar Module and then Asstt. General Secretary. In 2012 he became the unanimous choice in the post of Vice-President of the Organisation. He was also inducted as the Council member of All India SBI Staff Federation.

Com. Mazumdar joined the Bank at Salar Branch as Cashier on 5th March, 1980. After a few years, his service was transferred to Jangipur Branch where he was elected unanimously as Assistant Secretary and Delegate of the Unit. From the starting of his career at the Bank Com. Mazumdar showed his leadership qualities and it was natural that he would involve himself with the Organizational activities deeply as he was a man of political character. In 1978 Com. Mazumdar was elected Panchayat Samity member of Raghunathgunj Block. Shortly, he assumed the party leadership of RSP and became the Executive Member of Jangipur. After joining the Bank he tendered his resignation from the party. In 2003 he became the Unit Secretary and Delegate at Mirzapur Branch. He took transfer to Jangipur Branch in 2006. In 2009 he was elected unanimously as Zonal Secretary and he was elevated to the position of Regional Secretary, Region – II in 2011.


We are glad to inform our members that at our instance, Bank has since made tie-up arrangement with the captioned Diagnostic Centres with effect from 01.04.2013. The location and address of the above Diagnostic Centres are furnished here-in-below

The meeting was hosted by Howrah Module led by Com. Subir Chatterjee, Dy. General Secretary and duly overseered by Com. Debasish Bandyopadhyay, AGS, Howrah Module and Prabir Sarkhel, Secretary, Howrah Branch. The arrangement of the meeting was done in a very grand manner. The meeting was chaired by Com. Nagendra Nath Bhattacharyya, President. Com. Debasish Bandyopadhyay welcome all the Circle Executive Members. After his opening remarks Com. Bhattacharyya requested the undersigned to take up the first issue on the Agenda item i.e. on “Issues confronting the Organization”.

The undersigned described the industrial scenario and about the RBI’s new licensing policy which will affect the interest of the masses in our country. He pointed out the obstacles faced on 20th & 21st nationwide general strike where all the Unions in Banks participated. He described the economic scenario and about the recent submission of the report by Shri B.N. Srikrishna who headed the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Committee. He expressed his anxiety about the Govt.’s contemplation of forming a Holding Company of all 24 Public Sector Banks in the country where Govt. has chartered out changes in the Bank Nationalization Act 1970 & 1980. As a result, the Public Sector character of all Indian Banks will be jeopardized. He mentioned that alongwith the passage of Banking Laws Amendment Bill on 18th December, 2012 another bill was introduced in the Parliament in the name of Debt Recovery Act where Govt. enabled the Banks to convert the bad loans of the Borrower’s Company as their Share Capital. It is a step retrograde in nature as instead of taking stringent measures to recover the bad loans this will be a step retrograde to facilitate the defaulting borrowers to waive their loans by treating it as Bank’s investment in the equity capital of the Borrower’s company.

You are aware that the Bank is not reimbursing the cost of cochlear implant incurred by our employees for themselves or their dependent family members as it is not considered to be a life saving implant. Whereas the implant would help to overcome from the disability due to hearing impairment. On re-examination, the Bank has decided to make provision for reimbursement of the cost of cochlear implantation surgery as under:

“While the hospitalization charges / operation charges associated with Cochlear Implant are reimbursable as per the schedule of charges mentioned in the Bipartite settlements from time to time, the appropriate authority will allow reimbursement of cost of Cochlear implant to a maximum celling of Rs.5.38 lacs, subject to 75% of the cost actually incurred for dependant members of the family and 100% of the amount actually incurred for employee himself / herself

The General Body Meeting of the Federation was held as scheduled at Visakhapatnam on the 16th and 17th February 2013 hosted by our affiliate, State Bank of India Staff Union Hyderabad Circle, combining with the General Body Meeting of the host union.

The combined General Body Meeting of the Federation and the Circle Union was the first ever attempt tested by the host union and the conduct of the meeting can be termed exemplary, matchless and magnificent.

Com. Pal joined the Bank’s service at Behala Branch on 22nd August, 1974. Within a very short period he involved himself with organization activities and showed keen interest for the welfare of the members.

Members are aware that, as per extant instructions, the ex-servicemen family pensioners are so far allowed to draw family pension either from our Bank or from Military establishment as eligibility for family pension is from one source only. The issue of grant of bank’s family pension as well as Military Family Pension has been taken up by the Federation with the Bank Management and also with the Government, through its apex level organization, National Confederation of Bank Employees. We are glad to inform that pursuant to the modification of instructions by the Government of India, it has been decided by the Bank to withdraw the existing provision of calling for the option for drawing family pension either from the Government or from the Bank and for payment of family pension to the deceased ex-servicemen employees/pensioners of the Bank who are also drawing family pension from the Government, with effect from 24th September, 2012 or thereafter. It has also been decided by the Bank Management to allow the benefit of both family pensions of Bank as well as Government even in past cases, though effective from 24th September, 2012

We are extremely happy to inform that, due to the relentless efforts of the Federation, the Bank Management has revised the quantum of scholarship, which was last revised in the year 2009, enhance the allocation towards recurring expenses and revise the canteen subsidy from the current academic / financial year i.e. 2012-13. We sincerely thank the management for their positive approach towards improvement in the staff welfare activities. The brief details of improvements in staff welfare activities are furnished hereunder for information.